Money Wise-Create, Grow & Preserve Wealth

Rina Karina Hicks

Do you want to develop a plan for wealth creation and management linked to your purpose and values? Do you want to understand the basics of investment and the options available to you?

Money-Wise: Create, Grow & Preserve Wealth provides answers to the above questions and takes you on a journey of discovery as it welcomes you to the world of wealth creation and management by unlocking the secrets and prerequisites to investing. It also explains the investment opportunities available to you while at the same time highlighting the advantages and risks of each investment option. The book also shows you how to protect your assets and excel in the art of giving.

In this book, you will discover the common mistakes investors make as they seek to create and grow wealth and also a host of practical tips that will help you produce optimum results in your investments.

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Marriage Built to Last Paperback

Jennifer Karina

Marriage is a journey that begins with a decision. But that decision belies the myriad challenges that often wreck many marriage relationships, even before they take shape. How can you make your marriage survive the mile and make it to the finish line?

In Marriage Built to Last, Jennifer Karina addresses the key challenges that face the modern marriage: communication, intimacy, sex, infidelity, and finances. Using her experience of over 30 years as both wife and mother, as well as those of others from her counselling sessions, she shows that there is no challenge too impossible to overcome.
Beginning with the marriage proposal, she walks the marriage journey step by step, in a way that makes it so easy to follow. This is a useful guide to all women, especially young women, who are determined to find and sustain a happy and lasting marriage.

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