Let us guide you on your way to financial freedom

Let us inspire, motivate and teach you how to gain better control and understanding of your finances and transform your relationship with money.

Define and clarify your purpose and goals

Overcome barriers and limiting beliefs

Learn how to invest and grow wealth

What we offer

Our one-on-one coaching programme helps clients discover their purpose, articulate their personal vision, and develop personal goals in key areas of their lives.
We have a specific focus on personal finance and investments coaching.
Having invested numerous hours, over the past eighteen years of investment advisory, as well as the past 4 years of coaching individuals and teams, we have a practical and effective system to build individual skills, confidence and structure, resulting to its clients successfully achieving their personal goals.
The financial coaching we offer is a confidential, judgment-free relationship. We will help you address current financial challenges or desires and create a plan of action needed to accomplish your financial goals.


We will help you clarify your goals and values and help you align your priorities. 
While the main focus surrounds your finances, we also support clients in other areas of their life where they want to maximize their potential.

What to expect from our coaching program

This coaching process and relationship shall:

  • Take time to understand your specific situation;
  • Work with you to clarify concerns, goals and dreams and then develop a coaching plan that revolves around creating steps to achieve these goals;
  • Overcome barriers or obstacles that oppose your goals;
  • Have fun-filled sessions of self-reflection and self-awareness; and
  • Use coaching tools and assessments, when necessary to enhance self-discovery.

At the end of the coaching program, you will have ...

  • Greater joy, clarity and personal fulfillment, especially where personal financial goals are concerned.
  • Enhanced focus and direction of the future.
  • A basic financial plan that is aligned with your values and goals.
  • Achievement of agreed-upon goals.
  • Discovery of new perspectives, insights and ideas.
  • A proper plan for your retirement

Meet your financial wellness coach

Hello! I’m Rina, an Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & founder of Money-Wise.


I’m the founder of Money-Wise, a brand that has helped thousands of people simplify the way they manage their finances and set them on their journey to financial wellness.

As a Financial Wellness Coach I want to see you thrive, pursuing your God-given purpose. Money should not be the reason you can’t live purposefully!

I can’t wait to help you do what you’ve always dreamed with your money. Whether that is getting out of debt, paying for vacations in cash, or having confidence and peace where retirement is concerned. I’m on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A financial coach helps you create goals and actually stick with them so you’re not just dreaming about financial peace—you’re living it. Financial coaching is different from any other finance-related job. CPAs help you with your taxes. Financial advisors help you with investments. But financial coaches work with you to create a start-to-finish plan for your money and help keep you on track.

Financial coaches often work with their clients over several sessions—focusing on anything from fine-tuning your budget to discovering your long-term goals to working through a real financial crisis. No matter the situation, financial coaches sit with you one on one (we call it “kneecap to kneecap”) to help you overcome the challenges that hold you back in your finances.

That’s the great thing about a financial coach—they can help you in any situation! Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs in  debt, or you’re having money fights with your spouse. Or maybe you have big money goals—like saving to buy a house or setting yourself up for retirement—but no plan to achieve them. Regardless, a coach can meet you where you’re at and steer you in the right direction to win with your money.

The great part about working with a financial coach is that they’ll guide you through every step of the process. But during your first consultation, your coach will ask questions to get to know you—your goals, your dreams, your past, your pain points, etc. So be sure to have your answers ready.