Money-Wise exists to provide coaching, training, consultancy services for individuals, groups and corporates, We help our clients develop financial plans and investment portfolios aligned to their values, goals and aspirations.

Our goal is to help you effectively manage your resources so you can live abundantly, in peace, pursuing your God-given purpose!

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I am dedicated to helping you

  • Articulate your goals
  • Get out of debt
  • Create an investment plan
  • Gain peace in your personal finances

Our Team

Rina Hicks

Rina Hicks

Founder & CEO

Maina Chege

Maina Chege

Production & Digital Consultant

Alice Kamau

Alice Kamau

Executive Assistant

Neema Kamau

Neema Kamau


Looking to develop a financial strategy and create earning opportunities?

What’s my value to you?


I have grown and natured a 18,000+ engaged community that receives guidance on the investment journey so that each person's assets.


I have 18 Years of research, knowledge and skills in the financial services sector.


I have curated 400+ inspiration videos to help you maximize your personal and professional potential.

I’m not your typical investment banker

I have a personable way of talking about money because my mission is to demystify investing, saving, and financial planning. I have captured all these nuggets in my book titled Money-Wise: Create, Grow & Preserve Wealth (2016).

The book, which took me 3 years to write, helps readers create a link between personal values, and wealth creation. I advise on investing in Kenya, and debunk misconceptions about insurance – a significant part of wealth building, and preservation. “It covers everything from budgeting and saving to debt payoff and investing .

It will be a great resource for anyone at any age!”

Sharon Malonza – Financial Lessons from Kenyan Books (22nd July 2020)

“The important contribution of this book is that it sees the individual as the source of wealth and that wealth creation is both a consequence and a part of achieving our individual purpose,”

James Mworia, CEO, Centum Investment Company Ltd.

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I am a Certified Professional Coach, and a member of the ICF.

Through my professional training sessions I have worked with individuals, groups and corporates and trained over 1,500 people.

I work with individuals, groups and corporates helping them discover their purpose, articulate their personal visions and values, crystalize their aspirations and maximize their personal, and professional potential.

“Rina sees things differently from the pack, and presents a different view which is always much needed.”

My professional coaching sessions are designed to propel Africans to greater heights in the management of their finances, creating nations of financially secure families.

“Rina brings an honest, authentic and sound application of Christian principles; through the prism of effective marital, financial and parental stewardship”
Paul J. Oyier, Communications and PR Practitioner


I am the founder of RH Group Limited and Money-Wise®

Money-Wise is a platform that is involved in content creation, investment coaching, and training.

I lead a team that will assist you to develop financial plans and investments aligned to your goals and aspirations. We have trained over 1,500 people.
In our quest to use Social Media as a tool to educate, we run a YouTube Channel called Money-Wise With Rina Hicks that has over 400 Videos, 14,900 subscribers, and 772,000 total views.

Through Money-Wise®, we have increasingly become a recognized voice on financial literacy, and investor education.

“Rina is intellectually gifted and has the ability to see things that others don’t.”

Watau Gaita, Senior Manager New Business Development – Africa at BroadReach LLC


I am a Corporate Finance Analyst

A Certified Investment, and Financial Analyst by ICIFA and a Director at Faida Investment Bank. I am also an authorized representative under the GEMS market segment.

I currently serve on the Education Committee of KASIB, and have previously served as its representative on the Bond Market Steering Committee (BMSC) chaired by the CMA.

In 2006-2009, I was appointed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs to serve as a founding Board Member of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

This is the secret sauce that allows me to make real-time investment options easily accessible to you.


I have been blessed with a unique gift of delivering well-articulated content in a clear way that shows expertise, and thought leadership.

My hope in doing this is to exemplify how one can succeed in the corporate world, without compromising their faith, and themselves.

Money-Wise® is available for collaboration on digital content creation, brand ambassadorship, sponsored videos, social media posts and events. For collaboration enquiries, please contact us