Take the mystery out of investing and creating wealth.

Get a step-by-step plan to give you the confidence to make informed investment decisions and put you in control of your financial security.

Remove mental roadblocks

Clarify your financial goals and form better money habits

Learn how to invest and grow wealth

Investing and creating wealth should not be a mystery

Without the practical skills you need to make the right investment decisions and create wealth, it’s going to cost you… You may lose your hard earned money.
  • You could find yourself investing in get-rich-quick schemes that may cost you your life savings.
  • You may fall prey to real estate merchants who lure you to make wrong decisions and end up with “dead assets”
  • You may be at risk of being a job loss or illness away from poverty.
  • You may have funds lying idle in a bank account instead of generating income for you.
  • You may end up retiring poor with nothing to take care of you in your sunset years .
  • You will keep guessing at which path leads to financial freedom.

80 percent of Kenyans are retiring poor. Is there a chance that you may be on the highway to be part of this grim statistic? Join investable and get everything you need to make wise investment decisions that secure a future for you and the ones you love.

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We,ve partnered with  to bring you Investable.

In this course, I’ll show you how to start living the financial life you’ve always wanted. More importantly, you will learn:

  • How to change your mindset and behavior when it comes to money.
  • Learn habits to help you get out of debt and stay that way
  • PLAN and build an easy system to save money so you can reach your financial and life goals.
  • INVEST and understand where to put your money so it’s in sync with your goals, experience and values. If you don’t want to do it yourself – we’ll be your financial coach online. We’ll show you how to work with advisors, banks, and insurance agents to get the best solutions for you.
  • PROTECT your wealth against all the unforeseen things life can throw at you like accidents, job loss, divorce, kids, and death.

This course is a small investment in yourself  that will literally save you millions of shillings  over your lifetime!

Your payment for the program includes

Five core modules

We’ve compressed our revolutionary framework into 5 modules Topics covered include principles of seed and fruit, discovering your why,investing options based on goals and case studies to help you get practical

Proprietary tools & templates you can apply instantly

With the tangible and practical tools inside the course, you can gain an immediate benefit as you guide yourself to the next level of investment and wealth creation.

Learn anywhere on any device.

Your time is limited. Sometimes, the only moments you can afford are when you’re traveling in your car. This is why we’ve made this content for you to consume anywhere and anytime—screen or no screen.

Bonus content and sessions

Access to bonus content that includes case studies, Live Q&A sessions, free e-books and guides on investments plus expert conversation on low-income real estate investing.

A clear action plan.

This plan will help you turn the principles from the sessions into tangible, action steps.

After Investable, you will ...

01 Create a plan

Create an investment plan that works for your income, goals and your lifestyle.

02 Understand opportunities

Understand how to evaluate investment opportunities and how to make investment decisions.

03 Diversify your portfolio

Diversify your investment portfolio, so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

invest in a future of financial freedom

Course investment


Or 2 installments of $150 for 2 months

  • The complete 5 module curriculum (audio and video)
  • Downloadable resources and e-books
  • Proprietary tools and templates for implementation
  • A great community for networking and accountability
  • Access anywhere

Meet your financial wellness coach

Hello! I’m Rina, an Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & founder of Money-Wise.


I’m the founder of Money-Wise, a brand that has helped thousands of people simplify the way they manage their finances and set them on their journey to financial wellness.

As a Financial Wellness Coach I want to see you thrive, pursuing your God-given purpose. Money should not be the reason you can’t live purposefully!

I can’t wait to help you do what you’ve always dreamed with your money. Whether that is getting out of debt, paying for vacations in cash, or having confidence and peace where retirement is concerned. I’m on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
The course is for those who are at the place where they want to move to the next level where investing are concerned. Those who want to learn how to confidently make investment decisions.

Investable is an online, self-paced video course. You’ll learn and practice in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. The supplementary materials, such as illustrative guides and worksheets to plug in will help you along. We also have weekly Q&A sessions where you can raise questions and seek help.

Investable is built by taking the best insights and strategies in the market and distilling them so that anyone can understand them. We avoid using jargon (and translate things so you know what jargon-speaking people are saying).

The course is for those who are at the place where they want to move to the next level where investing are concerned. Those who want to learn how to confidently make investment decisions.

Investing is a very unique journey. The best solution for you, may be very different for the next person. Our goal is to equip you to take control of your investment strategy and build the life you want.

Yes! As long as you don’t have bad debt (credit card debt and mobile money debt that you have no idea how to repay). We share practical examples of people who started with little and have done very well. The most important thing is to get started and follow the principles we’ve laid out.

We recommend spending at least 2 hours over 4-6 weeks for maximum benefit. That’s enough time to watch the videos and implement the action items for you to find the best fit for yourself.

No. It’s an online video course that you can take at your own pace. We also have LIVE Q&A sessions for 5 weeks where we receive and answer questions from participants.

If you commit 2-3 hours per week for up to 6 weeks to watching and implementing these lessons, you will see amazing results. Most importantly, you’ll permanently improve the direction of your life, because of the impact of these benefits compounding over the years. Implementation will be key in seeing results.

Don’t worry — the course comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material, if you’ve travelled, are on holiday, or simply get swamped with work/life for a few days. Investable will ALWAYS be here for you when you’re ready to dive back in.

We have a lively supportive community of Investable alumni who you will become a part of. A community that continually shares additional information and stands together to see progress in those who participate. You will be continually encouraged and uplifted by the stories you hear and also learn from others as well.

You can definitely take time and investigate the options available on your own. You could spend hours talking to people who have made various kinds of investments from real estate, to stocks, to fixed income and even private equity. Then spend thousands of dollars qualifying and synthesizing the information you gather to develop real actionable insights. Or, you could leverage the work we’ve already done to share our knowledge with you.

While we have built a course we’re truly proud of and many people have found useful, we recognise that our Investable course might not be a good fit for you, if you:

  • If you have mobile money or credit card debt, DO NOT take this course. Instead, use our free debt guide to pay that off first – that should be your priority.
  • Value volume over quality – we focus on distilling knowledge and experience, to move you from “what are all the potential answers” to “which are the most important answers, which you can focus on”. There’s unlimited information available for you on, YouTube (including our channel), Reddit and other places. We’re here to give you a distilled, actionable version of that information
  • If you aren’t willing to put some money aside to invest consistently, this is not for you. We believe that knowledge without action doesn’t add much value, and you’ll look back and be frustrated for having spent money on a resource you don’t use. We’d prefer to stay friends instead 🙂